Infinity Knights: Xross

A 3-player couch co-op Action-Adventure RPG styled nostalgically and respectfully after SNES classics.

You will explore a world beyond the Kingdom - mysterious lands where alternate rules for life and death, fearsome bosses, and deep dungeons await Xross, the newest Infinity Knight.

Venture out with memorable characters

Infinity Knights: Xross contains a large roster of characters to choose as allies for cooperative or solo play. Each Infinity Knight has their own story to tell, and a new story to be written!

Bosses and Exploration!

Infinity Knights: Xross features the nostalgia of old-school RPGs with current day quality of life improvements to give you an accessible and enjoyable game.

Infinity Knights: Xross is a game filled with numerous bosses and vast areas to discover, offering a rich and expansive adventure for players to dive into.

Combat, Minigames, More!

Switch weapons and elements to devastate your enemies and solve puzzles using special abilities, parrying, blocking, dodging, and augmenting.

Then relax and enjoy a myriad of minigames including fishing, woodcutting, mining, crafting, smithing, farming, and more!

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